1953 Born in Frankfurt am Main, Childhood and school attendence in Dresden,1981 Marriage with Ingrid Adam

From 1984 to 2011 living in Berlin (when the wall was falling down), now in Dresden again

Interests are travelling, hiking and cycling; literature, history and my own newspaper archive (since 1967)


Phase ONE – Science and Teaching


Study on the Transport University „Friedrich List“ Dresden; (Railway operation, road traffic and logistic); 1978 degree in Traffic Engineering;

After that six years assistant in the chair Urban Transport (Transport University) and in Management Training Institute of Transport; lecturing and research activities; 1984 doctorate „Dr.- Ing.“

Phase TWO – From Theory to Practice:


Since 1984 working in Berlin (Owner-operated municipal road enterprise); first function group leader Traffic Engineering, then five years director for technical planning, assembly and maintenance of Traffic control systems and street lighting;

1990 – 1999 founder and Managing Director of „Berliner Licht- und Signaltechnik GmbH“ (Technical service and full system provider for Traffic control equipment)

I found myself again in „Who’s Who in the World“ 1997

Phase THREE  – Theory and Practice:
port6From 1999 to 2017 independent Transportation Consulting Engineer in Berlin, Dresden and Basel; Membership in professional and other associations: Swiss Association of Road and Traffic Experts, VSS –  German Research Association for Road Traffic and Transportation, FGSV – Institute of Transportation Engineers, Washington, ITE – World Road Association, PIARC – German Council on Foreign Relations, DGAP – Association of Friends of the Baukultur Foundation